Far Away From Home

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Far Away From Home is a turn-based Tactical RPG. After the unveiling of the worlds largest particle collider, the first demonstration set off a catastrophic anomaly that sent Simon and his 4 friends to a strange yet familiar world. They must battle their through a land devoid of other humans, but in their place, strange beasts, as they journey to find a way home.


I’ve wanted to create a game for the longest time, however, I always knew that actually creating a game, especially on my own, and especially only in my spare time, would be quite the task. And even if I were to create one, chances of success, whether financial or critical, would be quite slim. With that in mind, I was content with just playing games rather than attempt to make my own.
However, in March, 2016, I had changed my mind. The short of it is that, I had decided that I would not make a game solely with success in mind, but instead, to see what I am capable of.
As for what kind of game I wanted to make, I always enjoyed RPGs, specifically, the isometric tactical RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, and Fire Emblem. I liked the deeper strategy / thinking involved that seemed to be lacking in other classic turn based RPGs. I was also disappointed that there was never a proper FFT2 (Come on, those GBA ones don’t count). So with that, became my starting point.


  • Challenging strategic turn based combat. Unit positioning will be very important as will the way you build your team.
  • 5 unique characters that can be built for various roles and strategies
  • 25 stages
  • Challenging encounters with various stage mechanics
  • Powerful bosses
  • Diverse environments and weather effects
  • 55+ items, many of which can alter your characters play style and abilities. For example, items can:
    increase the range of item usage as well as decrease item costs, turning any character into a secondary healer
  • allow your units to double cast in exchange for a higher casting cost
  • allow you to go first for the perfect initiation


Matthew Wong


Twitter: @fafh_game


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