Exotic Matter

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Exotic Matter



Shipwrecked on an alien planet, light-years away from Earth – your primary mission: survive. Explore the open-world of planet Xcylin and dive deep into the underground facilities of an extinct race. Discover countless items, weapons and block types to help you reach your ultimate goal: to get back to earth and save all humanity in the process.

Exotic Matter is a single-player open-world voxel roleplaying game for PC. It features a strong storyline on a fully simulated planet with roguelike underground facilities. Exotic Matter’s sophisticated facility generation system ensures that no two missions ever play the same. And it’s fully moddable engine allows you to explore countless other planets that were created by the community.
What started as a hobby project back in 2011 after excessive playing of a now very famous voxel game, is now, nearly six years later, a fully featured game engine. The idea was to take what voxel games provide and combine it with a strong story that is set in the future, a lot of puzzles and a vast amount of dungeons to roam.


  • Roam freely around an entire planet
  • Experience a strong storyline that guides you through the game
  • Explore lots of mysterious dungeons created by a sophisticated dungeon generation system
  • Find hundreds of items left behind by an ancient civilization
  • Change and destroy anything in this world
  • Search for rare resources deep below the surface
  • Construct buildings with sophisticated technology (connect lights and doors with switches or pressure sensitive blocks) and control them using in-game computer systems
  • Craft new items directly in your inventory or use blueprints and replicator technology to create complex items
  • Build and use a multitude of weapons to protect yourself
  • Find out about the vast amount of different block types, each with different attributes and abilities
  • Have endless fun as no two missions ever play the same on this procedurally generated planet
  • Mod the game via Javascript and build your own custom world type with just a few lines of code




Based in Munich, Germany

Release date:

Release will likely be in Q2/2018

PC (Windows, Linux)