Evidence of Life

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In Evidence of Life you are a Space Traveler searching out alien DNA on distant planets. Harvest the minerals and flora of endlessly generated worlds. Destroy any inhabitants you encounter. All in the name of science! This game is a retro 2d side scrolling action game with an addictive mix of alien fighting and planet mining.

Upon setting down on a planet, the alien hives will stir……

  • Protect yourself with upgrade-able weapons to fight aliens and collect their precious alien DNA. Over time gain rapid fire and multi shot for your weapon.
  • Dig into the planet with your mining tool and discover caves and alien gems. Gems will level up your weapons, mining tool, and explosive damage.
  • Gather seven types of DNA on each planet, you will need to take different samples of the environment and the alien life.
  • Hunt for long term DNA goals to level up six different buffs like force field, health regen and alien bullets.
  • When all DNA on a planet is collected you are free to move to a new world. Explore randomised planets that get progressively harder, there are hundreds of potential planet types and the game does not end.
  • Over 30 enemy types. Fight the deadly face eaters, giant hopping oddities and menacing hives with disgusting egg sacks! Find and harvest the dangerous boss aliens.
  • Full atmospheric soundtrack and tons of slithering alien Foley by the games creator Mark Mauer.
  • Level up, gather all the buffs, no limits, become a world destroyer! Take your cyber pup along for the ride.

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