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EverFeud was born from the longing of a game that did not feel like a chore.
The constant grind just to stay current drove me and the others I played with, to up and quit.
I decided to create a game for PVP players who play for the love of the game.
There is no leveling, or grinding. Simply Arenas and Battlegrounds.
No cookie cutter classes. The character classes are designed to be versatile, with cross specialization builds.

We are working to enter Beta by the end of the year.
Please use the contact page to express interest in participating

Arenas, and Objective based Battlegrounds, EverFeud is an eSport built for competitive play.

Players won’t have to waist there time leveling characters, and grinding for gear. All rewards are vanity based. The classes are highly customizable, as are the attributes.       

No cookie cutter classes here.

Classes include Warrior, Mage, Cleric, Druid, Hunter, and Assassin.
Races by faction are:
Sonjari – Drow Elf, Oso (bear), Vengeful, and Human
The Nation – Snow Elf, Dwarf, Felino (cat), and Human

EverFeud is like a MOBA, but when not in an instance the player is in their faction courtyard where they can interact with other players, practice & tune their character, or purchase transmogs for gear using a reward point system currency. There is not an open world, but the player is not stuck in a lobby waiting for a cue.

I am creating this game for the disenfranchised that want to play for the win, and rely on skill to do it.
Many players I talked to, including myself have quit other games they loved, but grew tired of the grind needed just get to the part of the game they want to play. We want to play, not do chores.