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About This Game

EONIA is a charming open-world Adventure RPG, with a colorful and intriguing world, filled with many mysteries to unravel. Draw maps, document the flora and fauna, make potions, repair structures, manipulate minerals and explore every corner while you delve into a gripping plot, full of twists and intrigues.

In EONIA you will find yourself sunk in a compelling story, but constantly lured away by other quests and secrets, each with a unique challenge and puzzle. There are countless books and scrolls to learn new skills, ways of crafting, brewing, and a rich history to uncover, sprawled amongst the many hundreds of unique items to obtain. You will frequently make use of a variety of skills:

• Crafting tools and items.
• Construction and repair of structures.
• Brewing potions.
• Use of rings and amulets with magical powers.
• Search and manipulate dozens of different minerals.
• Search and manipulate hundreds of animals and plants ingredients.
• Mapping the vast territory and drawing hundreds of animals, creatures and beasts.
• Blacksmithing and repairing tools and weapons.
• Lock picking.
• Fishing.
• Stealth and Subtlety.
• Travel through Magical Portals.
• Sailing and Navigating in different types of boats.
• Combat with swords, shields, and spears.
• And much more…


Amongst EONIA’s many beautiful landscapes you will also encounter foreboding dangers, wild beasts and fierce terrains to endure and master. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. And let’s not forget what Master Enodio always says, “He who seeks shall find his reward.”

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