Endo-Chick Survives

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Endo-Chick Survives

Hello, my name is Endo-Chick but my friends call me Endo. I have always loved gaming since I was a young girl.

I grew up with 4 brothers and I have a very geeky Dad, so I blame them for all my geekyness (That’s a new word I created!) ;-).
I love to create videos for YouTube and I have recently started streaming to twitch, you can find me and my content in the links below.

I enjoy playing a variety of games, but I mainly focus on the survival genre.

I tend to put a survival twist on most types of games and this allows me to branch out into other genres as the whole point of most games is to not die.
I have an amazing community of people who follow me and have become good friends.

I’m always looking for more people to join me, in my ever growing new friendships and I hope to see you there!.

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Some of my content:

7 Days To Die With BU4UGaming

Subnautica Livestream Series

Banished Challenge #1

Banished Challenge #2

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