Devils Feline

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Hello. I am Devils Feline also known as Feline or Steph! My birthday is March 26th, I also have two daughters who are 6 and 9 years old.

I giggle and have a great time playing games.

I play games for the fun of it and streaming my main form of income.

My all time favorite game is Diablo on pc.
I am used to playing pc games but right now my pc is unable to run some games so I am working on getting a new one with the helps of the community.
I play with anyone who comes into my stream I am always down to meet new people.
I play the following and then some;Realm Royale, Ark, Rocket league, Defiance 2050, Destiny 2, Dead by daylight, Halo 5, Metal gear survive, pubg,

Monster hunter world, Mortal kombat, Sea of thieves, State of decay 2, Tera, Farming simulator 15/17, little nightmares, Pokemon go, graveyard keeper, overcooked 2, Fallout 76.
I do not play Fortnite.

You can add me on anything I have listed on here or join the discord server.
Use the code “Feline” @FadeGrips to get 15% off

I am in eastern time zone.
Tuesday – Thursday 9pm est till 1am est. Friday 10pm est till whenever.
I will not be streaming on Holiday’s.

Typical Schedule updated Monthly

February Schedule:
2/9-2/11-No stream
2/12-9pm est State of Decay 2
2/13-9pm est No stream
2/14-9pm est ?
2/15-9pm est Viewers pick
2/16-2/18- No stream
2/19-9pm est State of Decay 2
2/20-9pm est Realm Royale
2/21-9pm est ?
2/22- 9pm est Viewers pick
2/23-2/25-No stream
2/26-9pm est State of Decay 2
2/27-9pm est Realm Royale
2/28-9pm est ?