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We have been building Defense Task Force for the past 2 years and we have come this far. We are 2 friends who started on this journey.

We’re almost there, but we need your help getting Defense Task Force to the finish line.

Defense Task force is a Tower Defense Game. Here’s a bit about the game in a nutshell:

Based on a Sci Fi theme of resource mining in an alien planet Delta Atheni, you as the commander have to deploy towers to defend your mining platforms against the alien race known as Krakens. You have 20 missions with multiple nonlinear aspects providing significant replayability.

Dynamically generated background environments keep each mission engaged, fresh and new every time you play.

The entire gameplay is designed for both infinite mode waves as well as with normal mode waves.

25 different types of alien enemy units present a unique challenge requiring careful planned combinations of all 10 types of towers. Each tower type has a unique attack profile allowing you as the player to build a wide variety of tower combinations.

No tower is superior to others and to win the player must use a range of towers. A deep skills research tree adds further depth to the gameplay.

Our main aim is to raise the bar in the Tower Defense Genre of games.

Join us on this journey, we would love to have you in our community

When released the game will be available for Windows PCs. Support for other platforms will be considered after game release.

Backing us via Kickstarter requires a credit card. If you don’t have a credit card, we also accept PayPal.



  • There are NO micro transactions in the game. What the player will get is the full and complete game.
  • The main storyline features a campaign of 20 missions which would provide at minimum 15 hours of gameplay.
  • The campaign is divided into 5 regions each containing 4 sectors to create a total of 20 missions. However the game level layout of each mission is dependent on the blueprint (energy mining platform) which the player researches and deploys for the mission. These non linear campaign aspects make each level replayable in multiple different ways.
  • The game features dynamic procedurally generated background environments, weather, and random events.
  • The enemy waves are designed for infinite mode gameplay with 28 different types of alien enemies. Each type of unit has differences based on speed, hit points, shield, strengths/weaknesses against tower types and special abilities.
  • Ten types of towers are provided each with 3 upgrade levels. Additionally the third level tower can have its individual attributes such as rotation speed, damage, etc… upgraded individually. Each tower type has a unique attack profile allowing the player to build a very wide variety of tower combinations. No tower is superior to others and to win the player must use a range of towers.
  • Skills, unlock and research tree. The player uses energy gained from winning missions for both unlocking and researching. For the missions each region and sector must be unlocked before they can be played. Each blueprint (game level layout) must be researched before it can be deployed. Each skill such as global skills as well as tower upgrades must be researched before they are available in game.


Right from the start our vision has always been to build a strategy game that we would love to play in our spare time and other gamers like us would love.

A tower defense game with significant depth of gameplay and replayability. A game that you could keep coming back to. Our quest is to give ourselves and others a way to just relax and enjoy.

When we first started we only had a blank sheet of paper and no structure, it was just a concept in our mind.

Over time the ideas for the game came to life and we are grateful for every lesson we have learnt along the way.

We truly hope that you will see that the driving force behind the team is to bring a game for tower defense and strategy game lovers.



If we are successful we want Defense Task Force to be an example and a step ahead in the Tower Defense Genre, so other game developers can take the genre to the next level, thus evolving this genre with quality games that we can all enjoy.

Let’s dream. Join us if you want 😉

This project started as a project of two friends living in New Zealand, both with passion for PC strategy games. Tikiri works as a software developer and Zuricka works as a project manager in the software development world.

In getting the project off the ground Tikiri began the bulk of the coding. We made the choice to go with Unity as a development platform.

We have been self-funding this project and our budgets are limited. In order to achieve high-quality visuals, we decided to use various 3D model assets we could find from the Unity asset store as we could not afford to hire a 3D modelling artist.

Once the project began taking shape we realized that we did not have enough time after our daytime jobs to finish the project in a reasonable timeframe.

It’s at this point after about 7 months into the project we searched through many freelancing websites to find a Unity developer and conducted many interviews.

Finally about a year ago we were able to find another passionate and skilled developer Nicolas to help us with the development of the game.

We have funded the project upto this point with our own salaries.

In the last few months, we realized that we needed gameplay testing by people not emotionally involved in the game.

This is so we could have an unbiased testing and criticism of the game. For this we hired hardcore game testers to provide feedback.

This feedback proved to be invaluable enabling us to identify shortcomings and opportunities to enhance the gameplay dynamics, features, user interface usability, etc…

Following the feedback, we spent two months rewriting certain aspects of the gameplay mechanics and enhancing many aspects of the game.

We are now at a stage where we are close to being able to deliver the game on Steam.

We believe in what we are doing and truly love it.

Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter

Currently, the game is in the early beta stage. This means that only some of the final features are to be implemented and almost all gameplay are programmed and working.

You may be thinking, “if the game is so close to completion, why do you need more money?”

Totally understand where you may be coming from 🙂

We started on this project two years ago our aim was always to get the game to a point where we could play it and ask for feedback.

The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive feedback from friends, work colleagues, their friends, people online who are gamers.

However, releasing a game takes money, more than what our paychecks can sustain each month. Your generous pledges will allow us to launch successfully.

To get the game to the finish line and have it polished we need:

  • A data scientist to help with the final aspects of game balancing
  • A 3D modeller to enhance the appearance of the resource mining platforms.
  • A 3D modeller and animator to help create cut scene videos for better game immersion for the campaign storyline.
  • Purchase a few software licenses
  • A person who can help us enhance the audio voiceover and game music.
  • Further game beta testing by professional game testers
  • A small budget for Marketing the game so that people are aware of the game

We need your help to grow and to ensure an on-time and polished release, while keeping our creative freedom.

Kickstarter seems the way to achieve this with your help.

In deciding on our pledges we researched many other Kickstarter projects.

During this research, we saw lots of small physical gifts, contribution concepts within the game to improve the pledges, early alphas and so on…

As you would have guessed by now, we are a very small team. We want to spend our time improving the game for you, designing, coding, balancing the game etc…

Not selling you cups, mugs or T-shirts. Managing physical gifts is very time consuming and I’m sure you would agree that it is better for us to spend this time working on completing and enhancing the game.

For this reason, we are only offering digital rewards like a screensaver or a hall of fame credits section on our website presented as a digital book.

We hope you understand as the backer in our journey 🙂

Limited Early Bird Pledges
Limited Early Bird Pledges



Why not an early alpha or beta release?

We received many recommendations that we should release an early alpha or beta version. We fully understand that you want to play the game right now.

However doing so would mean lots of community management and technical support. This time would be much better spent enhancing the game features and completing the game.

As soon as we have an almost ready to release (release candidate) version we will make this available to our backers who have chosen a pledge level with closed beta access as a reward.

In addition, we believe that the game should be played as intended such that all of our backers get the full game experience.

The objective of the closed beta is to create a venue for a final round of feedback from you our players without compromising your gameplay experience.

We really know you will understand our decision regarding the Kickstarter pledges.

We feel it is much better to reward your help with our main aim which is to make a better game.

If you support us beyond the project funding goal, we will use additional resources to work faster and get a better game.


If this is a game you feel connected to, please consider pledging our campaign!

Kickstarter is all or nothing, meaning that if we don’t reach our goal then we will receive nothing. So help us make this happen.

Your pledges will support: 

  • Kickstarter Fees – 10%
  • Software Licenses – 10%
  • 3D Design – 20%
  • Beta Testing Resources – 10%
  • Cut Scene Animations – 15%
  • Data Scientist Final Game Balancing- 5%
  • Audio Voice Over – 5%
  • Sound Music – 10%
  • Marketing – 15%

Risks and challenges

PC game design is inherently risky regardless of the genre. Being a small team of four and without investment, funding has been a challenge. However, we have given the game 110% and know that we will launch a fully playable Tower Defence game that will raise the bar in this genre.

There will always be unforeseen problems. However, we have managed these with our day job salaries and your backing will only enable us to move forward faster rather than slower.

Based on your feedback and the wider community who volunteer to test the game prior to launch, we may find that certain game mechanics simply dont align well with the enjoyment of the game. In those cases, we will take a vote and may change some game dynamics. The vision and our drive will always remain the same.

All said and done we are aware of these risks and challenges. Your support will only guarantee that we can deliver the best in class and in a timely manner.

Come what may, we’re going to get this thing done.

Our promise to you is: To give you a regular update on the launch date and progress. Updates would be through our facebook page, as we are not a large team so we thought let’s keep it social and simple. Please do connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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