Defend The Night!

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Defend The Night

About Defend The Night

Defend The Night is a Fantasy MMORPG currently in development for PC.  With unique leveling and progression systems, it strives to break the mold of the current MMO genre and replace stale grinding and dull quests with exciting, event-driven gameplay.   Players will build and defend their own city, join friends and allies in dangerous dungeon crawls, explore a vast landscape, and challenge the darkness in various game events.  Choose from 11 player classes and many talent options to build a unique and specialized champion.

Defend The Night aims to blend classic MMORPG elements with many exciting new options for player progression, including both PvE and PvP experiences.  Free from the annoyances of pay-to-win mechanics, power must be earned through valor and combat in this dangerous world.  For players who thrive on competition, robust leaderboards will allow each champion to strive for greatness among the realm’s best.

Darkness awaits, so grab some allies,

ready your defenses, and prepare for battle!


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Certovia: The Created

This is Mortalha. A continent in the world of Certovia, surrounded by waters lapping on the shores and massive waves crashing against rocky cliffs. It’s much like other water-based worlds, but the light here on this land mass is constant, welcoming and warm, causing it to be a perfect place for renewal! To the north, even the snow-covered mountains offered shelter. The runoff sent clear, crisp water down into the valley below.

The rivers, flowing thru the grasslands and forests, could present opportunities for farming.

Official twitter: @DefendTheNight

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