Dark Rising

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Upgrade your castle, build towers, expand your village and train loyal pledges who will fight, and die at your command.

Dark Rising is a tower defense game for anyone who’s looking for a more in-depth approach to the popular genre.

It strives to mix in real-time strategy features without losing sight of the tried and true tower defense format.

Expect waves and waves of zombies, ghosts, and deadly spiders attacking your castle. However, it’s your choice how to defend yourself.

You could stick with building outposts and towers.

Sturdy defenses might do the trick. Or maybe you would prefer training up an army of adventurers who are willing to fight and die for your cause.

The choice is up to you.

  • Equip soldiers with weapons and armor.
  • Simple resource management: balance population, food, and water in order to train more soldiers.
  • Customize your castle in adventure mode.
  • Undead zombies, spooky ghosts, lava golems, giant spiders and more.
  • 10 adventure levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Endless survival mode.
  • Steam Achievements and leader-boards
  • Steam Trading Cards(Coming after release)

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    Feb 27, 2018 @ 15:46 pm

    Thanks for the coverage! Busy working on the latest patch for Dark Rising in-between all my other projects. #busybusy