Crystal Companies

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    • Game Name: Crystal Companies
    • Genre: Tactical card game
    • Developer: Boreal Games
    • Release Date: 2019
    • Platforms: Mac/PC
    • Website:
    • Price: Free


Crystal Companies is a tactical card game in 3D with diverse battlefields and turn-based strategy gameplay for Mac and PC.

Gameplay focuses on 1v1 skirmishes where victory depends on exploring the battlefield, gathering resource, capturing strategic points of interest, and defeating enemies.

Key Features

  • Cards that instantiate 3D characters, structures, and spells in dynamic procedurally generated environments.
  • 300+ cards and several factions in the debut set that can be mixed and matched to customize unique decks for near-limitless strategies.
  • Variable terrain that includes weather events, natural disasters, different elevations, impassable and semi-navigable terrain conditions, and themed ecoregions.
  • One-versus-one AI and multiplayer online game modes, with additional modes to come
  • Map editor to create custom battlefields.

Background story

Pentus is a chaotic world brimming with crystal energy. Outside of the Masterian Empire, the wilds are rife with danger: megafauna, cut-throat brigands, and ancient forces that defy comprehension. In order to harness the immense power of crystal deposits buried deep in the earth, enterprising crystal companies must risk it all on the boundless frontier.

More Details

In Crystal Companies, players build decks before skirmishing. A skirmish starts with players drawing an initial hand of cards and squaring off on procedurally generated maps with the goal of destroying the enemy command post.

Playing cards can create 3D characters or manifest spells on the playing field. Every deck includes support operations that generate Imperial Notes, which along with Crystal, are used to play cards.

Captain cards are also requisite in every deck, and unlike other creature cards, they can be replayed for an increased cost if defeated in battle.

Unlike traditional card games, Crystal Companies requires that players navigate 3D environments, thus limiting the impact of the luck of the draw on the outcome of the game. Each turn, players have to decide whether to attack, explore, defend, or improve their economic situation through gathering crystal or making upgrades to their support operations.

Different game modes can have different win conditions, but the two most common ways to win are to destroy your opponent’s command post or by capturing all build sites on a given map and holding them for a complete turn cycle.

To become an expert at Crystal Companies, one must not only master the craft of deck building but also understand the advantages of different build orders and strategies depending on the environmental conditions (which can even include weather that changes over the course of a skirmish). Elevation and obstacles can aid or hinder units depending on their positioning, attributes (like mobility), etc.

Additionally, Crystal Companies will also have a companion terrain editor for those who want to create their own maps.

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