Cows and Vikings

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Your journey through the land of Cows and Vikings has just begun, and it’s very likely that it will be the most breathtaking adventure you have experienced ever.


Now you’ve just sow how horned thief had stolen some weapons for unclear purpose. Cautious, does it?

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Cows are looking cute and quite peaceful, but their intentions definitely are not the same. Huge herds of ravaging animals are smashing and taking down all around and your only rescue plan is to lead an army of vikings to glory and victory.

As you can see, we’ve supplied your defending army not only with fast and deadly arrows, devastating artillery and mighty freezing technology, but also with powerful magical spells which are able to turn your furious enemies into a number of milky puddles.

All of this, of course, only gives you a CHANCE to victory, but doesn’t guarantee it. Cow commanders also have prepared some stunning surprises for you and your defending towers. Be very careful when you’re dealing with this horned bandits!

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About the team

The Game formally titled as: “Cows and Vikings” is developed by Idol Studio and Idol IT group of companies (hereinafter developer or developers). The copyright owner of this game is Redox Entertainment.

Idol Studio is responsible for the creative/art component of the game: script, characters, game world, etc. The company was established in the year of 2005, specializes in production of high-end computer graphics, and successfully cooperates with such brands as Elecrtolux, Lexus and General Electric.

Idol IT deals with development of web services and mobile applications. Despite its relative youth, Idol IT managed to earn a significant customer base and gained experience in application development, sufficient enough to successfully develop and support mobile games.

REDOX Entertainment is a strategic partner that takes a great part as a business adviser and it’s further publishing. Year of experience in working with international projects made REDOX team a valuable asset for creating complex media projects.

Cows and Vikings project was initiated as part of internal program aimed to improve the skills of employees of both companies, diversification of their activities and possible entrance on on the promising market of video games for mobile devices, recently experiencing a rapid growth stage 1.

Currently the status of the project has changed. Analysis of prototypes developed under this project, and its potential has led to a reassessment of the status of “Cows and Vikings”. Therefore, currently the development of the named game is one of the priorities in the project portfolio of both companies, while its production had been organized into a separate unit with its own production and administrative staff.