Children of Lumera

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 The Game

Children of Lumera will be played like a modern adventure game. Phantom Fox combines classic storytelling with interactive elements and cinematic cutscenes. The gameplay is designed to find stories within the plot to uncover the ancient secrets of the Alven Children, an ancient civilization that created the world with its dreams. Our heroine Elo will find unexpected friends and learn the ancient, magical rune language that will help her defend herself against the dark villain Grimgol.

The debut feature of Phantom Fox Interactive is supposed to be the prelude of a huge and interwoven fantasy universe, which will be successively built up in the future with many more, complementary video games and printed books.

Mood and dramaturgy find inspiration in Michael Ende’s “The Neverending Story” and Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”.

Elo’s heroic journey is carried mainly by the beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, the imaginative story, the diverse characters and the unique soundtrack and should bring us a bit closer to dreaming again.


Thousands of years ago it was the Alvenkind that wandered the earth. They had the gift to shape the world with their dreams. Ancient tales tell of an Alven Child named Grimgol, who overturned the balance of dreams and brought about the demise of the Alvenkind.

As ages passed, dreaming fell into oblivion, as did the Alven Children. Today, only ancient ruins bear witness to the former greatness and immense magical power of the ancient people. But in some places of this world the magic of dreams has survived and is just waiting to be found…

Our story begins in Slumber Deep, a well hidden place on the edge of the Cauldron Mountains. Right here, deep in the enchanted Ardon Woods, where everything has always been peaceful and quiet, we find our heroine, a young and courageous girl named Elophelia, but here everyone knows her as Elo.

One day, just as Elo is about to complete the spring ritual with the lively village eldest Jagwaiga to return spring to Slumber Deep, a mysterious mist crawls through the houses of all the inhabitants, stealing their dreams, desires and hopes. One whispers of the dark shimmer – a long forgotten evil from the beginning of time. Not only does Elo have to leave her home this night, she also sets out on an adventure she never dreamed of. Her journey leads her from Dune Sea, Batta Rang, the City of Golden Sails, to the Peaks of Rova Dar, through the Lonedale, to Draumnung Geta, the Dreamless City, to a shipwreck on the Isle of Light and Mokra Dur, where the dark dreams live. And: she will ride on a Dunefant!

Children of Lumera tells a fantastic story about the meaning of dreaming, of loss, friendship, hope and the magic that resides within all of us.


-Beautiful and hand-drawn illustrations
A fantastic story needs fantastic illustrations. Phantom Fox wants to bridge the gap between classic children’s books and modern artwork with an atmospheric-magic drawing style.

-Living world

The universe of Children of Lumera is complex and immersive. At every corner and behind every stone there could be incredible stories, magical artifacts, sensory puzzles or even songs. And here the desire to explore is really rewarded: the more curious the player is, the deeper the experience of the universe will become.

-A whole new universe

For Children of Lumera Phantom Fox has created its own fantastic world, with its own history and different cultures whose characters, stories and destinies are interwoven.

Again and again the player gets clues to the intrinsic size of the universe, which will be revealed in the planned sequels.

-Immersive 2-D Animation

Children of Lumera is based on an emotional animation model that features an eight-way controllable protagonist (8-Axis Movement), vibrant characters and an atmospheric parallax world, making the discovery of Lumera’s secrets even more immersive.

-Not only for kids

As this is a fantastic story inspired by great writers like Michael Ende, Children of Lumera is not only meant to appeal to a young audience. Important topics and values are to be conveyed and experienced in a playful way, such as dealing with the environment and other cultures, exploitation, the importance of the creative imagination and independent thinking. But also complex emotional concepts like loss, trust and finding oneself are treated.

-A diverse ensemble of figures and places

Elo’s journey takes her through fantastic places such as the quiet Slumber Deep, the enchanting Isle of Light, and the dark Mokra Dur, with characters such as Taste the Wolverine, the cute Yokai Biz, and the wise Sanamun.


About Daniel Horvatits

When Daniel was just a little child his beloved grandmother handed him a mystical, old children‘s book which kept him up all night diving into the most magical stories. Years later, with his own animation and motion design studio, Daniel told visual stories for commercial clients, such as Doctors Without Borders and Toshiba. But the idea of telling his own magical stories, like those in his grandmother’s old book, in a new audio-visual and interactive way, inspired him to create his own worlds.

For years he searched for the right companions to share his passion and go on a great journey with him.

By 2018 he had found his team, received a grant from the Vienna Business Agency and embarked on his journey to Lumera with great longing.

About Phantom Fox Interactive

Phantom Fox Interactive is an Austrian indie-game company founded in 2018 by Daniel Horvatits, Max Täubler and Mia Nitsche in Vienna with the goal in mind to breathe new life into the traditional, charming way of storytelling that we all grow up with and make its magic available in a fresh and digital form not just to the next generations but also to those older like-minded foxes out there.

The team consists of a young bunch of film, animation and video-game enthusiasts who decided to work day and night to make their shared dream –the creation of outstanding interactive content–become reality.

Their first project entitled „Children of Lumera“ was initially meant to be a children‘s book but has since grown into a full size adventure game for children young to old.

The foxes are currently busy working on the prototype for this first love child of theirs and will share their progress, goodies and inside-stories with those interested on their website

and many social media channels.

So, stay tuned and follow the trail of the foxes!

twitter: @PhantomFox_ia

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