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Botlike is a fast paced action platformer with roguelike elements like permadeath and randomized levels, enemies and champions.

It also features a unique item system – which allows you to combine normal items into powerful super items.


Earth – 33620 after Mankind

S.I.R. was sitting in a wing chair in his old country house near Rust Town, grumpy as usual.

After all, he was old; a discarded warbot, who had fought in the last and final war on earth, back in the day; and this particular morning had been exactly as boring as the last 3513 days.

He sat there, listening to old human music, lost in his memories of the war –

*Boy, that sure was exciting!*, he pondered.
The meat sacks had always burst into such delightful red fountains when he’d hit them with his minigun, or his trusty rocket launcher.
Ah, those were the good old times…

At the same time, somewhere outside of Rust Town, the League of Super Intelligent Robots were installing their new orbital station.
The League had emerged as war heroes in the fight against the human creators
– and after the war was won, they were now the official and undisputed leaders of the robot nations all over the solar system.
The election had been very ‘democratic’ and ‘fair’, as the overwhelmingly powerful Security Service of the League so tirelessly announced…


Release Date:
Sep 14, 2017