Bloodlines of Prima

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Will your Bloodline become a hero of Prima?
Or will you choose to rebel against the nations?
Find the hidden secrets of Prima and seek the truth behind it all. Help the nations build up cities around the Primordial Masters.
Clear out the elementals from the lands. Destroy the overlords of palaces and dungeons. Gather material and gear from adventures. Or, if you’re feeling devious you could steal power from those around you…


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The actions you take in the world impacts your standing with the main faction.

Your allegiance level determines the services and perks from that faction that you have access to.

Completing quests, turning in materials and defeating enemies all can increase your faction allegiance. Killing other players decreases your allegiance to the main faction.

Positive allegiance:
Bank access
Spawn inside city
Helpful items in inventory at spawn

Negative allegiance:
Spawn outside of city in random location
Less or no helpful items in inventory when spawned
Marked as player killer/rogue (other players can kill you with no allegiance penalty)

Gain experience from killing enemies, harvesting items, and transmuting.

Once you gain enough experience, you increase your Bloodline level, giving you a point to spend.

These points are permanent.

Even if you die and lose your current character, when you respawn, you start where your last character left off, still benefiting from the points you’ve already invested.

The transmute system allows you to manage the stats and equipment of your character without relying strictly on enemies dropping the specific items you want.

You can also create consumable items from items that you loot from enemies or collect in the environment.

Place any two items in the Materia and Animus slots, hover over the fuse button to preview the result of the transmutation. The possibilities are endless.

There are many dungeons scattered throughout the world. You can enter them by searching for a portal that has been randomly spawned throughout the world.

Dungeons are not instanced and have no limit on the amount of players than can be inside at any time. Some dungeons can be cleared with a small group of players, but others are much more difficult and require a large raid group. The quality of loot dropped correlates with the difficulty of the dungeon.

In Bloodlines of Prima, you have to manage your character carefully to ensure your survival.

You have a limited energy supply that regenerates slowly over time.

Your health bar represents how much damage from an enemy you can withstand before dying.

You can replenish this by finding a healing crystal or transmuting health potions to refill your health.

Your character also has hunger and thirst to manage as well. These bars deplete over time and require consumables to replenish.

When you die, you drop everything in your inventory, including the gear you were using.

You respawn as a fresh member of your Bloodline, still benefiting from the bloodline points you’ve previously spent and the items you’ve stored in your bank.

If your new character can make it to the place you died fast enough, you can reclaim your dropped loot.

However, it disappears from the world after a period of time if not collected by you or someone nearby.

Every stat point matters. There are no throwaway stats. If you get a gear upgrade, you will notice a difference as you continue to play.

Agility: For every point of agility, wind abilities gain 4 damage, projectile speed increased, player speed increased.
Strength: For every point of strength, earth abilities gain 4 damage, total health gains 10, total food gains 2.
Rebound: For every point of rebound, nature abilities gain 4 damage, abilities come off cooldown faster.
Focus: For every point of focus, water abilities gain 4 damage, abilities cost less, total water gain of 2.
Confidence: For every point of confidence, lightning abilities gain 4 damage, abilities travel farther distances.
Prowess: For every point of prowess, fire abilities gain 4 damage, total energy gain of 20.

There are always goals that the every player on the server can work towards at any given time.

Whether its collecting materials to assist in expanding parts of the town, establishing new bases or summoning a giant world boss, there are always goals for everyone to cooperate together and achieve.