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Join Blanco on his adventures to collect the all powerful Super Gems on PC and Xbox One coming in 2018!

What is Blanco: The Color of Adventure?

Blanco: TCoA is a cute voxel 3D platformer that lets you take control of this little guy right here! Explore the many different worlds packed with lots of fun stuff to do, lots of gems to collect, and a big adventure just waiting for you to embark upon!

Explore The Worlds of Blanco!

Outer Village: The dense outskirts of our protagonist’s hometown that have been subject to a recent meteor showers.

Spooky Cemetery: This spooky place will leave you chilled to the core! Discover hidden crypts and make your way through the ghastly booby traps set throughout in search for more of these mysterious meteors!

Those are just a couple of the worlds being developed as of now, but there’s tons more to discover!

If you’d like to keep up to date on the development on Blanco: TCoA, then be sure to keep this page in your bookmarks!

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