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About The Game


Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of different types of role-playing games, Bevontule is an upcoming computer RPG with a large emphasis on plot, lore and character development, as well as combat, customization and progression.
Featuring a deep, challenging and innovative turn-based tactical combat system, Bevontule’s primary emphasis is on the many ways in which characters can master the nuances of their available skills and equipment setups to best dispatch the varied and highly intelligent enemies they will enconter.
At the same time, progression is driven by a very tightly-written and mythology-deep storyline that has been decades in the making and is codified in many short stories, maps, sketches and even its own wiki. Not only is the main storyline arc of the game solidified, but so too is the extensive history and setting in which the game occurs.
At Multithreaded Games, we’ve played our fair share of role-playing games and grew up during what we would argue were the golden years of RPGs, churning out such behemoths as Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy Tactics and many, many more.

While it could be argued endlessly as to which one truly wears the crown, they all had something to teach us.
We hope Bevontule will go down as a worthy successor to the ideas presented in the many masterpieces that came before us. Having the resolve, knowledge, experience and passion to see the game through to its completion, we are more than equipped to make this desire a reality.

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About Multithreaded Games

Multithreaded Games currently consists of a small but dedicated core team of two Portsmouth, OH natives:

Derek Bradley and Andy Fenton. Both are 2009 graduates of Shawnee State University, having received degrees from their nationally-renowned Simulation and Gaming Engineering Technology program. Bevontule has been in active development since May 2015.




Derek Bradley
Game Design, Story, Programmer

Andy Fenton
Game Design, Environment Art, Programmer

Calvin Lye
2D/Concept Art

Mimi Page
Music, Freelance