Ae’Ra – Sunburn

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TordFish presents

Ae’Ra Sunburn

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Ae’Ra – Sunburn is a Top Down Action RPG with a nostalgic taste of exploration, challenge, puzzles and a modern take of fast paced combat.
Explore a New World

The game will be set in a fresh and vibrant fantasy world with a big history and a lot of lore to be told. Dive in with us and explore the world we’ve built. We can promise you that you’re in for a ride!

“Our main focus is to give you an experience”

Our writers have been creating the world you’re about to adventure in for over a decade. Early 2017 we decided it was time to take action and share our creation with anyone who would love to be a part of it. By developing a game we can share our passion for fantasy, gaming and creativity in the best possible way. Our main focus is to give you an experience, something that’ll make you feel connected to the world and it’s characters.


Dynamic Combat

We love fast paced games that require skill and technique to master.

Having a dynamic combat system will give Top Down games a new dimension.
To give the popular Action RPG combat a twist, you will have total control of your combinations by crafting your attack rotations all by your self. Where and how you hit, matters.


We will encourage exploration in any form. Every area in this world have hidden dangers, ancient sites and a lot of lore and secrets to be revealed.

Co-op Story

Experience the entire game in Co-op mode from start to finish. All puzzles, areas and missions are designed for both single player and multiplayer.


Add some herbs in your potion and see if it might heal you, or turn into a flaming cocktail!
Explore the crafting system were you will be able to combine anything, to create everything.

The Protagonists

Explore the game as either one of our four main characters, all with a different set of skills. You can of course tailor their skills to your needs as you play and make them proficient in any way you’d like. All four characters do have specific special abilities, strength and weaknesses to make them unique.


As a part of Nashj, a mysterious race living in the tropical islands. She’s a very agile and fast moving creature.

If you enjoy playing a ranger type of character, Aisa is perfect for you! She’s stealthy, quick with two blades and have great ranged precision.


A highly intelligent and strong N’akka Caller with a powerful connection to nature. Za’rach use the surroundings, N’akkas and wild life as aid.

A splendid choice of character for those who love a ferocious beast at your side.


Living deep in the Anh’Khar Jungle, Jade and his twin Cyan practice as monks spending most of their days training and meditating.

Jade is a tactical survivalist, always thinking one step ahead. For you who’d rather be safe than taking risks.


Intelligent and proficient with all melee weapons, Cyan can easily find others weakness or strength to use it to his advantage.

If you prefer fighting face to face with any foe, Cyan is a great choice to explore the game as.

About Us​


Zackarias Åkerman

Warchief of TordFish

As the lead developer Zac is the technical mastermind (according to him self) bringing this game to life.


Johan Kinnunen

High Warlord of TordFish

Old lore says he meditates 28 hours a day, and still have time to write down the story arc and game design for this game.


Sebastian Åkerman

High Warlord of TordFish

The jack of all trades and the brute force that moves the project forward, in any direction he can find.


Sebastian Rock

High Warlord of TordFish

His door is big because he is strong. Strength and discipline, like a machine. But deep inside, he is a cuddlebear!