Briar LaCroix

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Hey everybody! My name is Briar! I make “let’s play” on YouTube of just about anything! I love getting to share things with people!

Being a creator in YouTube I get to share amazing games I find as well as pieces of my childhood with everyone!

A big inspiration of my work goes to my friends back in my home town. Each weekend we would get together and play indie games and have a great time. Since

I’ve moved away though it’s a wonderful way to keep the tradition alive and still hang out!

I love me some indie games! I love getting to see average people’s art! Their hard work!

More importantly I like seeing how other people’s imaginations work. Indie games are a beautiful way of showing off imagination and I just can’t get enough of that!

I tend to ramble a good bit, so I hope you guys stick around to watch some of my stuff! I always imagine my channel as being a place where a friend comes over and we just hang out and watch games and chill!

I hope you guys stop by and hang out!