The Whaler

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The Whaler

Hey Captain`s
Time for another update, we have been a bit busy on all ends this few weeks, with planning of how the character customization will work and look, as well as blocking out and starting to shape out Nantucket Island.

Finally, we have also heard the call from the community and the first zone that will be playable will be called “The Myth of The White Whale”, we know a lot of followers have been asking questions about Moby Dick, but as this time period wont fit, it makes a possibility for a future set of content after release.
If you know the history of the book of Moby dick, it was based upon various true stories of other albino whales that ruled the sea, one of these was Mocha Dick, (together with cappuccino orca *phun*) who was a feared whale that supposedly survived over a 100 encounters with whalers in the areas around Mocha island. It is said that when he was killed, he had around 19 harpoons in him before the encounter even started.
But the myth started somewhere!


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Progress has also been very good regarding “The Pearl” and it is currently on track for the new milestone we have set.

Hunting boat

The sea is to calm Captain!

Character Customization:

Playing the tune of the Sea

Here is the old and early sketch we made to try an visualize how the character customization will look like
the style of this will be of old fine art, and you can choose hat, face and uniform in the portrait.
Sketch by Dominik Mayer

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Environment, Nantucket:

WIP concept captain
Captain Zackarias, Environment Artist

2 2

Captain Zackarias made the Nantucket island and we have now started to block out and placing the assets. Nantucket is a hard one, it`s and Island with almost no trees, and that`s pretty hard to get looking good without making it feel to empty, but it is a challenge we have no problem taking on. The most important thing is to get the port looking good and making it seem busy and alive.

“The Pearl”


A 16th Century Whaling ship:

Captain Mike, Ship Builder. Captain Mike is working hard and well on “The Pearl”, you might have seen some of his ships in another age of sail game, called Naval Action.

The Chef de la Chef

We are also opening discord for the public, where you can chat with us, give feedback, QA`s, sing some shanties or listen to shantie radio

I also want to thank everybody who voted for us during the indie awards 2017, we made it to TOP 100 and are currently the only game in upcoming realistic sim for the last vote batch. If you like what you see, we would appreciate the continuous support for the last run of votes!

Thanks again for all the support we have gotten, emails, comments and so forth, it means a lot.
With that, I wish you a Merry Christmas and an amazing new year.
Looking forward for next year and all it will bring on our front!

Captain Tommy


Trade sim set in the 17th century, where you control a fully explorable ship where you can craft, trade, fish, interact with the crew and much more.
The idea has been around since December 2016, and came from the love of naval games. I remembered playing my first naval game in the 90s, I don’t remember the name but you could be a commander on a galleon and you would shoot on other ships lined up next to you. So I was thinking “How cool with it to have a game where you could explore the whole ship and it all felt alive” and it kind of grew from there.
Realistic Sim